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I strive to shoot every person in a manner that's different to the last. That goes for editorial as well as business portraits and headshots. Lighting are composition are key, and I'm always experimenting with natural and artificial lighting to bring out something interesting. If you are interested in booking a portrait or headshot session please visit my contact page.
Portrait Lyric July 2018-19Jimmy Morris-66Martha Lane Fox-23Kate Stanners-69PPSam Neil-7Stefan Allesch-Taylor-8Charming Baker Artists event-96Conkermeister Portrait-31Mark Holden02UCL Prospectus Portraits-79DBanj-8London Markets Time Out-184Crystal Maze-11David Rawlings-12Portraits  lab-236Dominic Barton-28Malcolm Devoy Global Strategy Leader PHD International 12Keita Shinokobu Business Director PHD Worldwide06Avril Gallagher Global Business Leader PHD International 27KCL Prospectus Portraits 2015-46