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I've covered a variety of events over the years from corporate gigs, graduation ceremonies and film/theatre promos. I work quickly and discreetly, gathering a wide range of photos of the venue, people and materials that are important. I am often able to send a selection of images out for social media use on that day itself if needs be.
Time Out Bar Awards 2017 -115Boat Screening MOCK UPRSC Chinese Centre event-50RSC Chinese Centre event-102Tony Blair Strand Group Brit Academy -135Gordon Brown Strand Group-17Sharjah Stand Excel -7DCM Upfronts Nov 2018-57DCM La La Land-1SKY MIA awards 2018-99SKY MIA awards 2018-262KCL Grad Ceremony 2019-88KCL Grad Ceremony 2019-103KCL Grad Ceremony 2019-136RSC Stich in Time-104LNP_Matilda_Children_In_Need_DTE_0236LNP_Matilda_Children_In_Need_DTE_0353AUKLF 2018-79AUKLF 2018-152Womens Leadership event Oct 2018-106