Alternative Sports:
A series of photos of alternative and extreme sports shot in and around London. Featuring team and individual sports including Underwater Rugby, Longsword Fighting, Parcours, Netrugby, Banger Racing, Chessboxing, Speedskateboarding, Horseball, Rollerderby and Unicycle Hockey.

Empty London:
A series of long exposures (2-3 hours) of landmarks around London. For this project the aim is to create an image of the city void of all traffic and pedestrians, using neutral density filters and shooting in bright sunlight.

The Stuntman:
A behind the scenes project on stunt performers in the film industry.

100 Years 100 Buildings 100 Cameras:
A journey through the past century of architecture in London from 1924-2024. Each building is shot with a different camera for each year.
Alternative SportsEmpty LondonStuntman100 Years 100 Buildings 100 Cameras